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I don't understand why some have a dislike for her. If they don't rate her as an actress, fair enough, but as a person she seems pretty unoffensive to me. I see nobody had any problem with Daniel Day-Lewis rabbiting on during his speach on Sunday, but when Anne does there's a problem?

People can say she was always going to win, but as both Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe have said, when you win one, and the next one, and the next one, there's that pressure to keep on winning. I imagine she was quite nervous all along during the award season, especially as being in Les Mis was a childhood dream of hers after seeing her mum in it when she was younger.
100% that. It was a big deal and I think she just let the pressure get to her a bit and was threading that fine line between trying to stay calm and relaxed and yet knowing the Oscar was a solid possibility, which accounts for her, at times, rather theatrical and OTT approach to campaigning.

I reckon she'll be fine now it's all over and done with and will get back to normal.
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