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My OH doesn't give a toss about showbiz, so I come here to discuss bits that interest me. I am also middle aged, so I haven't a clue who some of the people are, but occasionally I stumble across a thread leading to a new story about somebody I do know. I have recently dipped a toe in the water on one of the Katie Price threads (they're very very scary) but think I've learned my lesson there. Quite like the 100% Alleged thread, it's quite good fun trying to solve the cryptic clues as to who is being suggested (even though 99% of the actual 'gossip' is nonsense)

So to answer the question, I'm somewhere between oblivious and piss-taker.

One thing which is quite annoying though is thread titles which don't tell you what they're about - hence why this thread has had about 400 views but only this one reply so far! Sorry if that sounds mean..
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