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I do not watch Jeremy Kyle. I just think this guy will appear on anything to get money and attention. I think he was a very distructive influence on Amy, although as an adult she has to take responsiblity for the decisions she made which resulted in her early death. The whole story of Amy and Blake is tragic but they both had so many opportunities to change their lives. I believe this guy even has a child! God Help Us! Why do people who cannot cope with their own lives have children?
I don't normally watch JK either, but saw a link to the programme whilst browsing on the web. I'd suggest you watch it as I've done myself before you make a judgement on him. His mother was on a few months back and Kyle asked her to get him on the show to give his side.

He's clean now, so why shouldn't he have a child? He has a supportive partner who's stood by him too.
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