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Nothing is off limits to her so why should it be off limits to us?

She tells us of every fart and opens cameras to every single facet of her life so I fail to see how anything can be 'off limits'.

As for the child 'wanting for nothing' - well, in a material sense perhaps, but the child will be yearning for a Mother with dignity, respect and who can show natural levels of love and warmth. Shame it'll be stuck with KP.
This has to be a joke...
Katie Price puts herself out there to be discussed by the media and the public. If she doesn't want people judging her actions, then maybe she should stop broadcasting them.
In a thread on her about to have baby number 4 I would say that her parenting skills----actually her lack of said skills---is very much part of the topic & totally relevant.
She is a rubbish mother. Mothers put their children's welfare first. KP's continuing refusal to stop being a fool in what she says & does is storing up massive problems for her children. We all have done foolish things in our pasts to varying degrees.While some are worse than others we learn by our mistakes & start behaving in a way where our children can be proud,or at least not ashamed of mommy. Those kids are in for a bumpy ride,and all because their 'mother' is refusing to grow up or stop trying to shock just for column inches . She should go & just enjoy her wealth & kids while trying to gain a tiny modicum of respect .In the blink of an eye they'll be grown up & it will be too late retrace her steps. Stupid freaky woman
Except when you call them 'saddoes' of course.

Why is it 'offensive' to 'make judgements'? She puts her life out there for public consumption, and I think most of us can see that although she doesn't abuse her kids physically, she gives them one hell of a lot of emotional abuse. She's only capable of putting herself first, not her kids, and that amounts to poor parenting.

Her kids want for nothing except the presence of a proper mother who doesn't gallivant off for beauty treatments, hols with her bunch of klingons and weddings to her latest sh*g every five minutes. They want for nothing except having a father (figure) who stays around for more than a few months.

Oh yeah, this new kid will really 'want for nothing'.

Am embarrassed.

Can you folks forgive me cos I'd never have posted as I did without the brithday brandy.

Thanks bunny for your good wishes.
It was a mega birthday too.
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