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I noticed this a lot on the Skyfall thread, lots of comments about 'nothing happens' or 'too much talking' or 'not enough action' etc.

I have also seen similar comments regarding Inglorious Basterds being talky and boring.

People forget that Bond films are supposed to be spy films...they have been indoctrinated into believing the quintessential Bond movie is an action spectacular with a set piece every 5 minutes. With a lot of silliness thrown in between, and when things start to flag, lob in a few gorgeous girls.

But didn't we tire of that back in the 80's and 90's when the franchise was practically on it's knees?

And of you look at the early Connery films, set pieces were kept to a minimum.

But the issue is there seem to be a lot of people who just don't seem to actually get diaogue at all...and crucially they don't seem to listen and switch off until something big and loud happens. A dead giveaway are the ones who say the plot made no sense, or point out what they call 'plot holes', that are usually nothing of the sort...they just were not paying attention.

Inglorious Basterds is another good example of this...there will be those who will expect the same things from a Tarantino movie...blood, guts, violence etc. And yet a staple of his movies has always been very well written dialogue...Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown to name three noteable examples. And for me the dialogue in Basterds is actually the best thing about the movie...especially the farmhouse and tavern scenes.

But there seem to be a section of people who 'switch off' during dialogue scenes and just don't listen to whats going on.They equate dialogue with boring.

I watched Glengarry Glen Ross with a friend once, and the whole thing went completely over her head, and she just described it as a film about people talking, and used that classic phrase 'nothing happened'. It really makes you wonder what she expected to happen, and also maybe it says something about the state of modern cinema, how movies are sold and marketed, and what people expectations are from watching a movie.
well there's good dialogue and there's ... all sorts in between .

Good dialogue is great , Goldfinger has some great examples , Skyfall not so much .

as for Tarantino - I'm not sure it even counts as dialogue most of the time , it's monologues , characters giving tediously long monologues on their theories about Jews , Superman , whatever !
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