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I don't watch JK. I would opine, however, that, generically, whatever part Blake played in Amy's eventual drug addiction - perhaps he became an enabler - no-one can force anyone else to take drugs; they take them because they want to. My sympathies are always with the families of drug addicts; they are the ones who suffer the consequences. The addict knew prior to taking drugs for the first time, that they would, in all likelihood, became addicted, yet still take them; they have a choice, the family doesn't.
So whilst I do not believe that Ms Winehouse deserved to die because of her actions, she was the fabricator of her own ultimate destiny.
More and more people are of the opinion that the way to reduce drug crime is to legalise them; This is not my view. What Blake did was illegal and immoral. He was fortunate not to meet the same fate as Amy did.
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