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Neither are walking away from this one with much credibility, let's just be honest. Rita's coming across as awfully big for her boots for someone so early in her career, but a response from Jade saying as much would have been a much better idea than criticising her sex-life. It is 2013 after all, I thought as a society we had wised up to the inherent sexism in trying to make women ashamed of their sexual behaviour (even if only in terms of women not being sexist to each other). Guess not though, from some of the responses in this thread - but I hope the ones pointing the finger chanting 'Whore! Whore!' are at least internally consistent enough not to pop up in another thread saying 'Urgh! Why do women get called sluts while men get congratulated for having sex?!'
But see, I'm in the mind, that women who sleep around are whores, but so are men who do the same. It isn't if men aren't called it, then women shouldn't be either. It's if women are called it, then men should be too.
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