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Personally speaking, as soon as someone uses the term 'do-gooder' in a derogeratory fashion, I tend to write off any ensuing opinions as reactionary, knee-jerk, lowest common denominator fodder, only worthy of Daily Mail editorial and Have Your Say comments.

I think we could do with a few more 'do-gooders' myself. People who don't just go for the easy answer, but who actually consider potential consequences and effects that others of a less generous nature may not. People, for example, who don't automatically apportion blame to others simply for being related to someone who's been punished for committing a crime, but who can see how they might be victims themselves - ironically, often due to the knee-jerk reactions of the sort of people who don't like 'do-gooders'.

Catherine Tyldesley has gone up a lot in my estimation since she said who she was donating her winnings to. It's a shame that those of a more mean-spirited persuasion can't quite manage keep their bile to themselves.
Brilliant post, couldn't have put it any better myself. Agree 100%.
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