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well there's good dialogue and there's ... all sorts in between .

Good dialogue is great , Goldfinger has some great examples , Skyfall not so much .

as for Tarantino - I'm not sure it even counts as dialogue most of the time , it's monologues , characters giving tediously long monologues on their theories about Jews , Superman , whatever !

For sure there is badly written, pedestrian and just plain boring dialogue that can drag a movie down.

But I am not really talking about the difference between good and bad, more about those people who just seem to switch off when there is no mayhem happening on screen and get bored, whilst crucially not even paying attention to what is actually being said.

I personally believe that well written dialogue is the main strength of Tarantino's movies, and always get irked when he is tagged with that 'violent movie maker' tag.

The actual instances of violence in his movies (Kill Bill movies aside) actually make up about 1% of the running time. Look at Reservoir Dogs...very, very little actual violence, and the famous ear cutting scene happens off camera. I always find it odd that for a film with so very little actual violence in it to have garnered Tarantino a reputation for being a violent filmaker.

And by the same token, considering that his first movie was 99% dialogue and 1% violence, I find it even stranger that a lot of Tarantino fans critiscised Inglorious Basterds for being too talky...! What exactly were they expecting from him?

However, I have to say he does not aways get it right...Death Proof did not do it for me at all...I cannot recall one single line of dialogue from that film, or indeed any memorable dialogue scenes or monologues.
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