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I never knew her, never met her. But my view is she was a huge personality and a huge heart packed into a tiny fragile body. And ultimately her body couldn't cope. I remember reading somewhere once that after a particular break up Amy had taken to sitting on the kitchen floor with a bottle (or several), music playing and spent so long there that her flat mate was bringing her take away food. I got two impressions from that. One.. relationships were very big to her, in an almost all or nothing kind of way. And second, her way of dealing with break ups was to drink and listen to music and mourn. That's just who she was. That's why she had such a relationship with Blake. She was an all or nothing kind of girl. He was her fella, her guy. She was his girl.

I think the biggest tragedy of her story is how incredibly lonely she must have been towards the end. She couldn't go anywhere without paps being in her face or being recognised. She couldn't even go to her local where she may have been welcomed as just Amy. She was just stuck in her expensive house with her security and unable to really live her life. Is it any wonder that she ended up drinking herself to death one night. It's a shame. You watch the video of her pre-fame and you just wish you could get in the taxi with her and tell her to go get a boring job in an office and go meet a boring bloke and just keep spending friday nights down her local with her mates singing a bit of karaoke. But she picked her path and ultimately it wasn't to be. I just hope the next time someone is heading in a bad direction and is in a bad way, someone somewhere steps in. I think a music industry that makes so much money from it's stars has a certain level of responsibility to make sure they get the help they need when they struggle to handle the fame and the fortune and what problems that brings. She's not the only one.
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