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Jade ripped some shreds off Rita Ora's c*m stained weave. She isn't really in a position to go trashing Eurovision. At least Jade didn't give up on her audition, she went all the way and got the UK one of its highest placings in years....

Rita has had constant "whore" rumours surrounding her, and honestly I think there's no smoke without fire. She's incredibly arrogant, slamming other artists despite her own album tanking spectacularly in the US despite promotion. She's just a product of marketing and a Rihanna wannabe, I find her extremely unlikeable.

Jade can sing way better than her, and to be honest Rita Ora has zero star quality, she isn't really in a position to be running her mouth off like that.

J didnt even release her album in the US. I didnt realise she was doing that badly, none of her singles have touched the top 40. Flop! she'll be dropped.

Wow at Jade, though. She dragged Ora.

ETA: I could careless how many partners a wo/man sleeps with, it is none of my concern. I wouldnt rag on them for it if they are looking after themselves.

Jade is implying Rita slept her way to the top rather than sneer at her for having a sex life.
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