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I know people who say this, I have friends who say this in face. I lent someone a copy of "The Dark Knight" and we all know how filled with variety it is, action, good dialogue, story...yet they said it was boring because there was too much talking and "nothing happening".

Dialogue is something happening, I love movies centered around character development and dialogue is one of the only ways of truly adding depth to characters and relationships. Some of my favourite movies are very wordy and dialogue driven with very little in terms of "action".

I find it strange though, surely too much action is a bad thing anyway....overkill is a terrible thing to see in films, too many explosions and car chases would remove any reason for them happening in the first place. Eh....give me these "boring" flicks any day of the week and leave your 'Die Hard 2' DVD's in the bargain bins.
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