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Try putting yourself in the position of somebody who's just been a victim of a crime, say your house has been burgled, you're round at a friend/relative's house watching TV (because the burglars stole you TV) & you see this programme & this woman giving money to this charity - how would you feel?
Why don't you go read the link (earlier in the thread) to Out There, the org Catherine supported and try and educate yourself about the work it does?

They're there to try and minimise the trauma and offer advice and practical & emotional support to families who find themselves through no fault of their own caught up in the criminal justice system. For anyone unfamiliar with the reality of prison, it's got to be a minefield for those experiencing it for the first time, and that's on top of having to come to terms with eg. having a murderer in the family, sent down for life. It's the family who has to deal with the mop-up, the shock, the hostility, the loss of normal family life, the loss of income, the loss of future, and it's orgs like Out There who help with that reality.

How anyone in a civilised world can have a problem with that is just baffling.
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