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My 'hump' is the assumption made by obviously fairly well-off people saying that insurance doesn't cost much; well to them it might not be much, but I can assure you that I would struggle to find spare money to pay insurance, & why the hell should I be out of pocket just to protect myself from selfish greedy people who may want to break in to my home & violate me? I don't smoke or use chip pans so run a low risk of fire, & I'm in a first floor flat - so a flood would have to be a bloody bad one to affect me.

Good grief.

You can afford a TV and a roof over your head, ergo facto you can afford insurance. Everybody needs to insure their goods for acts of God if nothing else. What about a storm like in '86 where flats and houses were destroyed? Rare yes, but COULD Happen. It's not just about protecting your property against nasty burglars in stripy jumpers with SWAG bags and masks on. You can get insurance as cheaply as 15 per month. I assume you have a phone, electricity and running water? If you can afford those you CAN afford insurance.

As another poster said, you make assumptions about everybody else but don't like it when the tables are turned.

Not ALL criminals are the same and some of their families do dserve support.
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