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In the past, I would never bother with films if they were rated under around 5.5 on IMDB. I'd always assumed if 100's or 1000's of people had given it a low rating, then it was probably a mediocre or rubbish film.

In the last year or so I've noticed lots and lots of British independent films on there, with actors I liked, and decent sounding plots, but really low ratings, but started to check them out regardless, and discovered that most of them were actually quite good, and very undeserving, in my opinion, of their low scores.

It seems that alot of 'politics' come into play with these imdb scores, especially with independant films, with people cheating the system, rival production companies, and critics, either over or under scoring a film purposely.

Do you pay attention to imdb scores, and choose your films based on them? Would you watch something with a 3.0 rating or lower if you liked the actors/director/plot?
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