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Found the TLTWATW to be overlong with lots of unnecessary bits (the fox, for example) and pointless deviations from the story. Really wasn't keen on the voice over cast. Brian Cox, the original choice for Aslan was a much more inspired idea than Liam Neeson who does "wise" in his sleep, while cockney beaver Ray Winstone was awful. I felt it lacked a lot of the magic of the BBC version and was trying too hard to be LOTR. Tilda Swinton wasn't a bad fit for the witch, but didn't seem to have much fun with the role. The kids were very good though.

Prince Caspian is a pretty lousy sequel in written form. And the film didn't right any of wrongs, despite attempts to liven it up. Plodding, overlong and uninteresting.

Voyage of the Dawn Treader was much better. I found Will Poulter a little disappointing as Eustace (having liked his performance in Son of Rambow, he over-acted a little too much) but, generally, it was a much tighter film.

It's likely that this is all we'll see of Narnia for the time being, though. I've never liked The Magician's Nephew (explaining the mysteries of Narnia is pointless, and the magic rings idea takes it into the realm of sci-fi rather than fantasy)

I detest The Last Battle where the Christian preaching got too much to take. I would imagine it's practically unfilmable. As is the, rather dull, A Horse And His Boy.

The Silver Chair is a much better choice than The Magician's Nephew for film #4, but I don't think we'll see either anytime soon.
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