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He did a song with Mark Ronson a couple of years back. I thought his voice still sounded good.
His voice still sounds very good, especially on that song. He has screwed it up a tad with the drink and drugs but he still has that lovely melodic tone to it.

According to some people he is back on drugs again..also he was fighting with Marilyn on Twitter the other day.
Yeah he does have a fake stupid laugh, watch his newer interviews he also is a total fibber.
He is not an honest person as proved again by his total lies about One Direction at the Brits, he just can't stop lying ever.
I don't think his laugh is in the least bit fake. He's a happy man now, so why should his laughing be fake?

People fall out or have disagreements. George and Marilyn have been friends a long time. I'm sure they'll be fine again in another couple of weeks. Thanks to George, Marilyn is now sober after nearly 30 years of drug-taking.

As for the 1D spat, how do you know George was lying? Because Liam thingy said he was?

And there's no way he's back on drugs again. Drug addicts don't look like that. He knows drugs would kill him this time around; he's not daft. His body wouldn't take it again at his age. He's turned his life around for the better now.
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