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If anything I'd say he was too honest for his own good. He can be bitchy - he can be wrong - but perhaps what you see as publicity seeking is just having strong opinions and being perhaps unwise to let an issue lie.

I think the bad blood with Marilyn was due to Marilyn's conduct when George was on drugs - he felt a tad betrayed by Marilyn going to the papers about it. He may not be feuding with Marilyn again - a lot of what sounds like fighting on-line could well just be banter. 'Some' people could be wrong or they could be totally unreliable.
He's very honest about most things. I know he's told a few porkies in the past, but who hasn't? No human being is whiter than white. He told some lies while he was on drugs, but I don't suppose he knew what the hell he was doing half the time then anyway.
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