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Originally Posted by Rose Petals;64516519[B
]I don't get the first bit.[/b]

The single is for Comic Relief, where the majority of the money goes to Africa, and the single is that bad imho that the money wouldn't be wanted in Africa.

Debbie Harry back on drugs at 67??
Once again my twisted sense of humour shows it's face. I meant that the single is so bad that it could turn Debbie Harry back onto drugs.

Take this for example, when Union J sang "don't stop me now", it was so atrocious that it caused Freddie Mercury to jump from his grave, give himself aids for the second time & then jump right back in.

Bad cover versions is a pet hate of mine, so if a band / artist, releases a dodgy cover version & then something bad happens to them. Well they only have themselves to blame & Harry getting hit in the nuts, well that made my day, not only for the group existing, but also for butchering a classic song.
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