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I never even said that this charity shouldn't exist or that this actress shouldn't donate to them in private, but rather that this public gesture could well be offensive to viewers who've been victims of crime & so this showed a degree of insensitivity, plus it was naive to think that there would be no controversy.
First off, why do you think she didn't assume there wouldn't be any controversy? Sounds like another assumption to me.

Secondly, why should we defer to offense being taken by people who aren't bright enough to differentiate between a convicted criminal and the family of that convicted criminal who are left to pick up the pieces after he or she gets themself sent down?

As a charity that has to put up with people like yourself who have to be led around the houses before they finally acknowledge that there are genuine needs for help in these families, it needs all the publicity it can get. It needs people who put their principles above the small minded attitudes they know they're going to come up against.
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