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But Kojak did often have some very good storylines, despite the gimmicky premise (The pilot show The Marcus Nelson Murders is an excellent feature length episode, based on a true story).

And if it's done right, the Kojak character, an actor with the right presence and ability, a good script, good could work.
The Marcus Nelson Murders is a terrific TV movie, pretty brutal for the time, too...

I actually wouldn't mind seeing VD (unfortunate initials!) as Kojak, though he'd have to find a sense of humour from somewhere first... and I don't think it was a gimmicky show as such, it was a fairly standard procedural that revolved entirely around the charisma of the lead actor and a few cute personality quirks, so if you get the right lead actor, it could definitely work...

PS Amazed to see "Crocker" in TV's House Of Lies a few weeks ago - took me ages to recognise him!
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