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If I like who's in it and it's the type of film I enjoy....the ratings don't bother me.

And as they can be Harsh.....6.7 is a high number to start given films a fair crack at.
I should stress that, if I want to see something, the rating on that site is kind of irrelevant.

There lots of old stuff (particularly 80's films) on there which I would rate highly but languishes in high 5 or low 6 territory. However, newer films, I find, get a much fairer deal when it comes to lower votes. Yes, there are fanboys, but there are also downvoters as a result, so things level out at a score I'd usually call fair for a middling movie.

(obviously new bad films are ripped to shreds, often more vigorously than they deserve, and new good films are uprated far too highly due to newness, but I'm only really talking about films that are "worth a watch").

Do you have any examples of stuff made in the last ten years than has scored less than 6.7, that's very good?
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