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Was that the cinema showing see you next Tuesday? I always remember the place showing adult movies, walking by of course and thinking of werewolves.

See You Next Wednesday, actually. It's a little gag that Landis always inserts into his movies. It comes from the last line spoken by astronaut Frank Poole in 2001 A Space Odyssey during a 'vidphone' conversation with his father.

Mostly the title is seen in the background on posters, advertising, cinema marquee's etc. For this film Landis actually shot footage of a fictitious porn movie.

The Eros cinema had been on that site for was a former news theatre, then became a sex cinema. It was bought by the Cannon chain, which is who I worked for, and I was often called to work there for an odd day or a late night show on a relief basis.

It was a very old, grotty run down place...most of those type of cinemas were...well, the clientele rarely complained.

But it had character...the staff were like something from the Addams Family!

And don't get me started on the 'bucket on a rope' security system...
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