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No-one's getting personal, relax. Just a natural observation of how you're telling people they're missing the point when they're not - they're simply adding to the conversation.

It's just the way you're getting agitated about it, you're making it sound like we're randomly making posts that have no link to the subject whatsoever; it's not the case. It's pertinent to talk about how poor a lot of dialogue is in many films these days, and that tbh it's hard to blame people who'd rather just watch action scenes and be entertained.

And not just downright sloppily-written dialogue, but that mushy, overly-sentimental, predictable crap that occupies nearly every drama made for the masses. Give me a nonstop dialogue-lite action-fest any day of the week over 95% of modern mainstream films tbh.

There's a cause & effect going on. Mainstream cinema has gone mostly downhill over the last 20 years or so, especially in terms of decent dialogue.

It doesn't surprise me that there are those who feel they don't have the time for it and would rather just see splodes.
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