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None of what you say is untrue, but it has zero relevance to the thread, which to be blunt is about stupid people who would find even the most exquisite piece of dialogue boring. What you consider adding to the topic, is essentially changing the topic. And whilst I would never undermine any of your opinions, theres nothing wrong with highlighting that fact, as what you are doing by changing the topic, perhaps without realising it, is undermining the OP's point.
But there's no objective measure of what counts as 'exquisite' dialogue, so your argument that the OP is talking only about - and therefore the thread has to confine itself to - such is ridiculous. Even if that was the OP's intention, just because he mentions Skyfall and Tarantino films as having, in his opinion, good dialogue, doesn't make it so, so people are quite entitled to come in and disagree, which in turn will generate debate about what constitutes good and bad dialogue. It's also interesting that at least four posters made comments that are as simplistic as 'people who don't like dialogue scenes are idiots' and you didn't pick up on that. Long dialogue scenes are neither good nor bad, they just are. Some are fantastic, some are awful, and it's for each person to decide for themselves. It's nonsense to criticise people who say they don't like them without qualifying the comment, just as it's ludicrous for arthouse darlings to criticise the likes of Michael Bay for being all about the action without at least acknowledging that he's bloody good at it.
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