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^ This
Also, many, erm more intelligent and considerate people might look at the ratings but not rate a film themselves so again you might just be getting obsessed fans who want to big up or belittle a film just for the hell of it.
But the fact that every major film will have just as many people "bigging it up" as people "belittling it", means that it evens itself out.

The Nolan argument is boring, by the way. For every fanboy, there's a hater so general consensus is he's "OK". Do I think all of his films are faultless? Not in the slightest. But he's got an excellent track record. IMO, he hasn't made a bad film (and that's BAD, not "It's awful because other people REALLY LIKE IT").

I find The Lord of the Rings films incredibly dull, but I don't think people like them *a lot* just...because they're Lord of the Rings films.
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