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They did indeed show Meyers repertoire...which was my first introduction to those movies, and how utterly bizarre and fascinating they were! How people ever call them sex films is beyond me..very little sex, and what there was is usually simulated, innocuous and with the occasional rubber prosthetic thrown in!

The bucket...welll...

The cash desk/kiosk at the entrance was very small, it had a window facing onto the Circus where passers-by could buy cigarettes, sweets etc, and the cash desk itself was inside the small entrance for people to purchase tickets. also had a metal ladder, which led to the office which was directly above...which had a hatch which opened. I think it was designed years back so that the person in the cash desk could escape in case of a robbery etc.

But what it was used for was something different. Someone had the idea to have a bucket on a piece of rope in the office, and when the cashier had collected a decent amount of money (An elderly, world-weary, chain-smoking, foul-mouthed lady called Lil), she would shout


And I would duly lower the bucket for her to deposit the cash, and pull it up as instructed


I would tell friends about this and they did not believe me, so I would invite them round to see it, and they could not believe it.

Then there was the manager, who looked image of Boris Karloff and actually walked with a limp.

Two projectionsts...Joe who was enormous, and would come out and sit on the stairs while the film was on, fall asleep actoss them and would have those white bits of spittle at the corners of his mouth...I swear he was the inspiration for Jabba The Hutt.

The other projectionist...Ricky...nice guy, but had some sort of rash and was always scratching...and disconcertingly would always want to shake your hand.

The usherette...June...lovely woman, though not blessed in the looks department...grey, straggly hair, and a single tooth in her head. She was Ricky's boyfriend...always telling him to stop scratching...

One Sunday afternoon she actually cooked me a roast dinner...which was nice...or would have been if Ricky had not brought it to me...

Customers were primarily tourists...a faceless, furtive bunch who rarely stayed long once they realise they had paid 2 quid to watch innocoous 'sex' movies which were basically Carry-On style fare with a bit of tits and ass...but certainly no sex.

Apart from the Meyer films, the fare was usually imported and badly dubbed European films along the lines of Swedish Au Pairs On Holiday etc...with all of the raunchiness removed. Or the standard 3 English made films that starred Mary Millington, a host of has-been Brit actors and no-name entities...and shamelessly re-released as the same film under different titles for years on end. Like I say, that sort of clientele rarely complained.

Same company also owned the Moulin cinema round the corner in Windmill Street...never actually worked there, thankfully.

After a few years the company closed those places down, wanting to present a more quality, family-orientated, respectable image...yes, I did say Cannon films...
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