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Gold ole Benriggers has at least 4 full C.S. programmes from November 20th & 27th 1987 + January 29th & March 5th 1988 tucked away.

I'm not sure but there may be more ? Loads of great vintage stuff !!
I have some channel 4 stuff from March 1988 still on VHS (the Comic Strip series from that year) and the March 88 CS on this link has all the same ads (of course it would have wouldn't it?). That Brook Street one I noticed in particular and I remember it was on far too much and had a high irritation factor.

Damn my family's Amstrad twin speed VCR - if it wasn't for that bloody machine chewing up so many tapes I would still have a few 1988 Chart Shows as well.

Ah... Squeeze on Back to Back ! I went to see them in concert last year. Still great.
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