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Ha same - there's some weird choices in my list, but some films just have that 'rewatch' value for some reason, whilst others, as good as they are, seem a chore after one or two viewings.

I like the business because it's colourful, bright, and looks nice - and then towards the end, it gets darker, and more dreary, to match the tone - I found this clever. I also liked all the characters, and think the casting was great. Lets be fair most Danny Dyer & Tamer Hassan are low budget shite, so this one stands out as one of their better films, if not the best. Also a fan of Nick Love - the guy sure knows how to direct a polished looking movie, with a modest budget.
think you've nailed it.

I couldn't understand why they had such a good thing going with the cannabis but then had to go and ruin it with the Cocaine. But there is something about that film that makes you want to watch it again.
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