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The Mail is banging on about the importance of "free press", forgetting it was Channel4 who broke the Rennard story, and ITV who broke Savile. Both regulated broadcasters.
Yeah, maybe The Mail will break the story about paedophiles & child abusers in the Thatcher & current government? (one of the names on the alleged leaked Elm Guest House list still sits on the front bench)

Somehow, I very much doubt it....

The whole thing is still a cover-up. It's the establishment trying to save face. That is the nature of the beast.
Thankfully, the people can see right through them....
Get real you the establishment is MPs, The Mail, The Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph all attempting to reveal a coverup.

In fact the hacking inquiry has shown you can't more establishment than Rupert Murdoch and The Sun.
Bleh, they are just mouthpieces.

The government/PM, Royal Family/Queen, mainstream press, mainstream media/tv, etc... just mouthpieces, figureheads, puppets... all part of the propaganda machine.

The real people behind ""The Establishment" will do anything, and I mean "anything!", to hold on to their wealth & power.

And if that means covering up scandals and passing the buck on to some has-been celebs and dead politicians, then so be it.

But hey, we shall see. Maybe all will be revealed.....
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