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The government/PM, Royal Family/Queen, mainstream press, mainstream media/tv, etc... just mouthpieces, figureheads, puppets... all part of the propaganda machine.

The real people behind ""The Establishment" will do anything, and I mean "anything!", to hold on to their wealth & power.

And if that means covering up scandals and passing the buck on to some has-been celebs and dead politicians, then so be it.

But hey, we shall see. Maybe all will be revealed.....
And maybe not...

As you know so much about the mysterious 'Establishment' you must live your live in constant fear?

You might not have noticed, despite what you say this thread has heavily relied on stories that appeared in the main stream press as far back as the 70's & 80's. Strange but true.

By the way is being a member of the 'Establishment' heredity or can people buy their way in? Is it only open to people who have no family values, who would not find it objectionable if their partner was raped or their children sexually abused?

Was Geoffrey Dickens friend of Margaret Thatcher part of the establishment or a mere propaganda mouthpiece?

Trust you don't get a stiff neck looking over your shoulder looking out for the bogie man.
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