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Why would she smile when she is totally focused with the pouty (sex) look?...
D'ya think she practised in front of a mirror... But it's uncanny how it is EXACTLY the same pose... sure I've seen someone superimpose two shots and you couldn't distinguish them... it was Sooooo perfectly the same

I saw a few pics of her smiling during one of her pregnancies; she has a lovely smile. I think she doesn't smile often as she wants to avoid lines round the mouth.
Could be... Smiling wrecks the face and I don't think you can Botox your mouth...

She's become a charicature of her herself.
A ridiculous woman
But so very very rich....

I don't think that Victoria sees it cool to pose with a smile on her face. Even little Harper looks serious and has a pout like her mum.
Should get the psychologists onto this one... what happens to a small child whose mum doesn't smile at/with her...
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