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It could cause huge problems for the boybander if he's caught out and exposed in the press. They appeal to a very young audience and it won't go down very well over the pond where they like their teen stars to be very clean cut. I'm surprised the record company haven't read him the riot act and told him to keep away for the DJ. I'd love it if he were caught out and sacked, I don't know anyone who likes him anyway.
I used to really like the idea of these two together but if it's drugz-fun, then no.

However, you have to consider that if true, the Stylish one would be, in fact, and adult, with a mind of his own and can freely choose to take what he wants.

I do think he is the one from all that group with the potential of getting out of control fast, hiding the old demons may be too much and rebelling might lead to rehab sooner than later if he doesn't watch it. I'm not a particular fan of the set he knocks round with, I don't think it's that healthy personally.

I know drugs are rife but this was a kid that 2 years ago was at school. I'd hate to see him some washed-up, scened-out druggie after a couple of years. If it's true I hope someone intervenes and gets him out of that situation. It'd be easy to blame anyone else but it's really down to him. The influences around him should be caring for him, not enabling him. If that is what these blinds suggest.
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