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Quick thought.....

Does anyone think the actress here, from the pics in the original article, is a tad 'close' to the friend in the pictures?

I get a 'closer than friends' vibe off of those pictures. Maybe it's just me though!
It lacks context - the friend might have just been dumped or a relative died or they might be more. Pictures only tell the story of the second they were taken.
I agree with both of you in a weird way.

I wouldn't ever hug a friend like that but then straight girls are quite happy to be all touchy feely with each other. So I think if all their pictures were like that and she wasn't the same with everyone (not seen enough pictures) then I'd maybe believe it was a more than friends.

She doesn't really 'ping' for me but as outspoken as she is I doubt she'd be allowed to come out if she was gay.
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