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Excellent post Cathrin, it's strange and very sad how Liz is continually referencing SATC lately. You can imagine her sitting on her own for hours watching the old box sets in a hypnotised state, fantasising that she is the real Carrie, that is the life she wanted even if everyone now looks at that show as not the emancipation of women but a sad snap shot of the kind of women who value designer clothes more than their bodies and reputations. As Becky Sharpe says, Carrie was fictional, in her mid-30s (which was seen as old at the time) but SJP was happily married and went on to have two children when she was older than the character she was playing. Liz, in her mid-50s has created her own fictional 'Big' with the RS but without any warmth, passion or friendship evident. We are definately witnessing a woman having a breakdown and the DM are enabling it.
Or just drunk
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