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Lone Star - first rewatch since its release. Still a great little murder mystery film with a great cast. It's a disgrace that it didn't attract much attention at the time. 8/10

Hope Floats - another rewatch. Still a cute, sweet and generic romatic-drama film starring Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr. 6/10. I was still surprised that Forest Whitaker directed this, but a friend pointed out he'd also directed Waiting to Exhale and First Daughter. Fair enough. I suppose I somewhat expected him to try, I don't know, something for him to sink teeth in deep.

Whisper - a supernatural thriller. Started out strongly, but then: blegh. 5/10

Redbelt - WTF, Mamet? Not like you to be that self-conscious, heavy-handed, shallow, pompous, pretentious and ham-fisted. The script was particularly crap, but thank god Ejiofor saved the film. 6/10.
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