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Now then, now then*, someone's uploaded an interesting video.

I just saw this - is there any significance to the necklaces shown in the photo of him with Princess Anne? ( I think I've heard him mention the wishbone one but don't recognise the other one. It just caught my eye as they may be symbolic or something? or perhaps not... that photo of him with The Beatles seems rather sinister too - ugh *cringe*

I feel kind of creeped out for being interested in the story in the first place, its like some kind of car crash TV (not in an entertaining sense at all, of course) or some-such, you don't really want to know or watch (because its quite depressing and horrifying) but yet you do, sort of? its quite hard to believe what happened when you think about it... im in a strange phase at the moment because im not sure what to do about my own issues, I can only imagine how disturbing this has all been to people directly involved pardon the yak...
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