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My sister desperately wants a Kindle, her birthday is coming up and I've come into some money so I want to spoil her a bit.

Her laptop is old and decrepid, and while I can't afford to buy her a new laptop a tablet might bridge the gap somewhat.

So I'm looking at the Kindle Fire HD and while it looks good for e-reading, I wonder how good it as a tablet- is web surfing and game playing good? Are you able to access the Android Market or are you limited to Amazon apps?

I have had a play with a friend's Nexus 7 and I liked it a lot (I will probably get myself one) I think she would like the ability to play the games I have mentioned and to surf the web... But I wonder how good the Kindle App is? Is it as good as on the Kindle?

She deserves something nice, and I don't want to get her something that's not fit for purpose.

So I'm after some opinions, please...

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