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A director who is disliked by the 'scene', a film featuring actors who have rubbed journalists up the wrong way, a director who is good friends with influential critics and their production is going to head with another big threat - Just a few examples of why critics would 'pan' or 'over-rate' a film - it's all a business, like anything else, and it's about cash at the end of the day. We're talking about 'movies' and 'hollywood' here - to think the inside workings are straight and honest, would be silly.

I'd listen to the public over critics any day of the week, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't consider the thoughts, or opinion, of somebody who reviews films for a living - however, just like reality television, you're not sure if what you're seeing is real.
But could a director be disliked by the scene because they always make awful films? I have found no proof of what you are suggesting. You seem to think this is just because there are some films that all the people you know like but the critics don't. I know plenty of people who like the awful film "Pearl Arbor" but the critics gave it a panning because just like me thought it was a bloody awful film!
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