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Without wishing to speculate one way or another on Louis Tomlinson's sexuality....

a.) you seem kinda worried about that. Why would anyone need 'assuring'? If you're gay you're gay. You don't have to make it sound so skeevy.
b.) neighbours AGAIN, WL? I'm sure we've heard this shtick from you before. Apols if it wasn't you.
c.) You list your profession as 'legal exec'.

I have been ill so only just seen this. I just think it's grossly unfair to guess at someone's sexuality. I am particularly sorry for Louis as his name comes up frequently on this thread. I do know someone who has been a neighbour of his for many years, has seen him grow up, is very friendly with his half sisters and even went to LA with IDirection so really knows him and Eleanor very well. It's horrible to cast her as a "beard" too when she is a genuine, honest girl. I have heard loving things about their relationship , eg their first anniversary, which have not reached the papers. Finally the above poster tried to make some point about my occupation - why is that? Are you unaware Wilehelmas that there is an Institute of Legal Executives and this is an accepted profession? Most firms of solicitors employ more legal execs than solicitors and often clients assume they are consulting a solicitor when in fact a legal exec is dealing with their case.

Another poster thought it clever to say "As if he would tell" his neighbours! It's not a question of that but when you know people extremely well over many years, they don't need to tell you their sexuality, you can deduce it from their actions.
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