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I think also that even if (and I don't actually believe it) Nick were some drug dealer to the stars, it's clear he and Harry are genuinely friends as well. You don't need to hang out with your dealer that much, go for ice cream and meals out, to the cinema, to his house on Christmas Day, hang out with his mother at London Fashion Week, come to his radio show most nights. Whatever else might be going on, I think it's safe to say it's not all their friendship is based on.
Who said that, that's how rumours start
I don't think of him as some drugs baron but does he do coke? um yes I would say highly likely and more than likely some of his circle of friends too. The 2 boys do seem to have a genuine friendship, possibly more. I can't work out the whole thing and whether Mr Cowell is being uber clever or trying not to let the cat out the bag. It really baffles me, surely nobody thinks that last little 'relationship' with the young American girl was real
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