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Good rating for SNT yesterday, surprised it went up but the viewers have spoken. Even the Cube didnt rate badly. Lets Dance is clapped out, bbc needs to rest this next year and bring it back every couple of years when its Comic relief to keep it fresh. SNT's success is a worry for the Voice. BBC can NOT show Six Nations Scotland v France in peak time or Ant and Dec will get 8million average and make it very difficult for Voice to launch. Even the week after rubbish Six Nations game, BBC cant just show some rubbish filler show against Ant and Dec, they need to compete hard and make sure they dont boost A&D's ratings. If it means showing a film premiere, they need to do it.
Hang on, what do you mean "the viewers have spoken"? There is no reason why SNT can't hit 7m on a regular basis.

BIB - 'or they'll get 8m' - how is that meant to be a bad thing? You seem to hate ITV still, you happen to praise a good rating then you act like the BBC "make sure they don't boost their ratings". The Voice can still launch to a respectable audience against SNT.

Utter tripe.
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