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From: CDAN:

Blind Items Revealed:

From May 28, 2007

So this A list couple but in reality B listers when it comes to movies, have employees just like almost every other Hollywood couple. When they hire a new employee that employee must sign a confidentiality agreement which basically precludes said employee from spilling everything they see. Well this Hollywood couple has some definite things to hide including guests who visit for fun and games and some kids who are not as well behaved as one would imagine. It turns out that a recently fired maid was reminded when she was fired about the confidentiality agreement she had signed and thus couldn't say anything to anyone about what had gone on in the house.

The maid said she had never signed such a thing and a check of her file showed she was in fact correct. The person who had hired her was filling in for someone else and had neglected to get the maid to sign the requisite form. Even though she had just been fired, the employer tried to get the maid to sign a new form right there and then. She refused. Immediately after leaving the house, her next act was to call a few tabloids to sell her story. When they realized she hadn't signed an agreement they jumped hard.

When the celebrity couple was informed of the impending scandal they were going to face, they jumped even harder. They first offered the maid a new job at a better salary, but she didn't want to go back. She finally settled on a cool $100k to keep everything hush-hush. The employee who failed to get the original signature was fired but can't do or say anything because they had been given the confidentiality agreement and signed it.

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