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She was on The Saturday Night Show on RTE1 last night talking about what a lovely man Michael Le Vell is.

She just came across - again - as quite astonishingly stupid, spoilt and laughably delusional. She should be protected, really. She's several sandwiches, a rug, a basket, a flask and a wasp short of a picnic.
To be fair, Patsy, what the hell was the host doing asking her about him in the first place? And how exactly was she supposed to respond? Slate her for being a dimwit but supporting a man she's known for her entire screen life - and who has not as yet been found guilty of anything btw - is really not a stick to beat her with.
I've included my original post for clarity. I wasn't using it as a stick to beat her with; simply pointing out that she once again came across as astonishingly stupid.

His question was something along the lines of, 'it must be very upsetting to see'; the correct response would have been 'that's before the courts and I can't comment on it'. No more.
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