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Well, having read that scintillating anecdote about the vacuum cleaner (she ordered the wrong type of bag! Well worth sharing with her readers eh?!) I just hope the DM feel they're getting their moneysworth from her.

Shockingly awful stuff. The column in the MoS literally reads like a spoof. Yet again, it's a series of stories of dealing with tradespeople in which Liz behaves appallingly, yet somehow sees herself as the victim and berates everyone else for their (perfectly reasonable) reactions.
( Liz, here's a tip. Phoning someone up in the evening, being told she's in bed, and saying "It's only 9.30. Wake her up!" = Rude. Estate agent not thanking you for paying them money you owe them = Not rude.) And she really won't be winning any sympathy from her readers by revealing the amounts of money involved (good luck pleading poverty now that you've revealed that your estate agent's fee was over 52,000!)

And I wonder if Liz sought permission from her friend Issy's friend, to recount her deeply personal story about the death of her father? (...which incidentally had absolutely nothing to do with the content of the Diary; it seemed to be just inserted to add a bit of "depth" by bringing in someone else's loss and grief).
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