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Wow, where did you get that from ?

The post from KC best sums up why stories about Helen Flanagan catch my interest. It's like the notion of a stupid young girl doing something stupid just doesn't compute - i'm not getting at KC personally at all, because I've seen it from many different posters.

It's just not possible for this thing called "stupidity" to exist apparently, so it's really a carefully thought out and crafted plan to gain exposure and column inches.

So yes, I was facetious, but for no more reason than the merry go round of conspiracy in Showbiz amuses me - nothing more.
Ok, apologies if I'm wrong but I've just always got that vibe from your posts that you're looking down your nose at the rest of us.
But maybe it's harder to gauge someones true intent in writing. I mean, I am always shocked at how seriously and literally some take my obviously (to me) p*ss taking and tongue in cheek posts.

Maybe I'm just taking you the wrong way
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