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Ok, apologies if I'm wrong but I've just always got that vibe from your posts that you're looking down your nose at the rest of us.
But maybe it's harder to gauge someones true intent in writing. I mean, I am always shocked at how seriously and literally some take my obviously (to me) p*ss taking and tongue in cheek posts.

Maybe I'm just taking you the wrong way
As you quite rightly say, it's harder to gauge someone's intent and feeling in ascii text form. The last thing I would do is look down on any FM (Unless they were blatantly trolling. Or a Chris Brown fan ). Every now and again I do a similar thing in Music when someone tries to claim their chosen genre of music is "real" music and everything else is crap. It's just my weird sense of humour at the end of the day.

And the daft thing is, I'm not a massive fan of repetitive humour in general, but for some reason, I just find the repetitive nature of the Helen Flanagan (And Cheryl Cole for that matter) threads endlessly amusing and my mischievous side tends to take over. It's never personal and if I do come across as a bit up my own arse then I would most certainly apologise for that.
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