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Don't compare the Smiths and the Brangelina tots. Either way, they're all undergoing abnormal childhoods.

Look at the Affleck children, happy, clean looking, contented and not dragged around the country to suit either parent.
...and the Parker/Broderick brood. They just seem so 'normal' and delightful with it. Not precocious. They might be bit young, yet, but they just seem to spend lots of time doing normal 'stuff' like going for walks in the park and spending time with their parents (even if they do have a nanny).
And then you have the Beckham children. Then have been in the spotlight since before they were born and yet they seem to be happy "normal" children. I've never heard a bad word about them.

I don't think it's the lifestyle or the normal/abnormal childhood that children have that dictates how they react as teenagers but a combination of parenting and also the child's personality. Teenagers have been rebelling since the beginning of time and plenty of kids from "normal" backgrounds go off the rails.
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