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Ah silversandy he sure is a fabulous dancer and very much well appreciated.... Just like our Pash... ... And I am sure we all worry on the respective appreciation threads about the well being of our favourite ones... ... Our Pash is back, hope Artem is back soon too...
oh HELL YES he is appreciated in the UK, well he is by me. LOVE Artem. not as much as Pash of course but he is my 2nd fav on Strictly. do love a bit of Artem. to me whatever is going on in their pirvate lives is theirs to deal with. yes it is nice to see how someone ticks and lives but would never judge those on what you hear and see in the media, as it mostly is with our society today, blown out of all context just to make it seem more interesting.
anyway i think i have a thing for Russian men as just LOVE Pasha and Artem, hope to se both back in this years Strictly or i aint watchin'

Thank you ladies your support is much appreciated.
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