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it is more strange because he has pictures with married women and his friends who have boyfriends... why could be wrong to have one with K?? it is part of the show business!!
it seems they are hiding
but anyway i guess they dont want to feed the media for bad reasons...
Perhaps they feel like people have seen so much of them in their 12 weeks on SCD that any time spent together away from cameras is precious, particularly if the last time Kim saw Pasha was on 19 January. I'd want that time private too. Just the two of them and no outside interference - can't begrudge them that as much as we like to protest for a new pic of them together.

If it wasn't for Denise bumping into Pasha on the way into the O2, I very much doubt we'd have gotten a new pic of our Yozhik and I doubt we'd have known he was there at all!

From what I can gather of both Kim and Pasha is that they don't care for the showbiz thing and so they don't like fuss and perfer the chance to be normal people.
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